moon works

A Bonanza Bros. fanbook
A short game about love and loss.
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A videogames zine focusing on niche and retro games.
A triple-pack of stories from Bad Memories, Trouble Patient, & Thunder Dance
A double-pack of illustrated stories from Shock 'Til You Drop and Bob Sparker in Hospital.
"The Incumbency Skeleton is after you, and he will take your eyeballs if you continue to run for re-election!"
A short, top-down adventure game about exploring a maze.
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A short prototype, written in Ren'Py, showcasing a rudimentary stat-rolling and item equipment system.
A Ren'Py prototype involving moon phases and their effect on battle negotiation.
Visual Novel
A tarot-reading toy that pulls cards from the Major Arcana.
๐Ÿ”ž A short, NSFW game about exploring a research lab full of bug people.
Role Playing
A collection of short, autobiographical games about mental illness.

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