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The second volume in the Tales From Electricopolis series, featuring the stories "Bad Memories," "Trouble Patient" and "Thunder Dance."

In the middle of a dry, dusty valley ringed by mountains is a city of endless night. It’s an enormous structure, jutting  out of the ground and tiered like a wedding cake: there are farms and maintenance tunnels below, and residential districts in the middle. At the very summit of the town is the top tier, the playground of the rich, open to the air and glittering with lights. Welcome to Electricopolis.
The stories revolve around Bob Sparker, a game show host who runs the show Shock ‘Til You Drop. In BAD MEMORIES, a figure reappears from Bob’s past, looking to do some catching up--you know, between friends. TROUBLE PATIENT is a look at Sparker’s checkered medical history, and THUNDER DANCE is a brief glimpse of the man at his most mysterious and maniacal.
TALES FROM ELECTRICOPOLIS is a series of stories about those who live in this walled city, existing by itself, concerned only with itself. It can also be found online at electricopolis.net.


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